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What should your marketing priorities be in 2015?

Social media advertising (70 percent)
Social media marketing 70 percent)
Social media engagement (67 percent)
Location-based mobile tracking (67 percent)
Mobile applications (66%)
Mobile push notifications (65%)

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Clearly, social and mobile are the frontrunners in terms of focus

Businesses would do well to shift resources to these important areas in order to remain competitive in 2015.  All signs have been pointing to the increased importance of mobile-friendly design and content, but perhaps none so much as Google’s impending move toward using mobile-friendliness as a significant ranking factor.

According to the State of Marketing report, marketers are getting the message

and are focusing on responsive design for their websites, emails and landing pages. They are also seeing an increased impact from mobile marketing; in fact, 90% of marketers believe mobile is in some way producing ROI.  Given this increase in ROI, the significant increase in mobile marketing integration since 2014 is not surprising, with 68 percent of marketers having reported integrating mobile into their marketing strategy, up from 49 percent the year before.

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Marketers also reported a number of mobile campaigns they found effective for driving mobile traffic, and increasing conversion rates and lead generation. The most effective types of campaigns included:

Loyalty programs (86 percent found these effective/very effective)
Holiday or event campaigns (83 percent)
Promoting email subscriptions via SMS (83 percent)
Mobile welcome SMS (84 percent)
Driving cross-channel engagement (83 percent)
Mobile-exclusive deals (85 percent)

All the best marketing skills

All the best marketing skills

The report stresses investment in mobile is critical for new business development: “The number-one most pressing business challenge for today’s marketer is new business development. Where is that new business hiding? On smartphones and tablets, which are increasingly responsible for a bigger portion of all time spent online.”  It’s no secret that great content on a website is the key that opens the door to links, social shares, and traffic. But you may be wondering, What the heck is great content, really?

I mean isn’t “great content” subjective?

Content that accomplishes that lofty goal tends to have these four traits:

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It’s highly targeted to a very specific audience. “6 Evernote Hacks to Increase Productivity” will do better than “6 Ways to Be More Productive.”
It has a visual component, containing images, screenshots, infographics, diagrams, or videos.
It’s awe-inspiring. “Good” or even “great” content doesn’t cut it anymore.  To get links today, your stuff has to be jaw-droppingly good.
It’s on a site with a clean, professional design. Thousands of great articles are invisible online because they’re hosted on ugly-looking sites.